August 2012 – Kata: Anagrams

Date: Thursday 30th August 2012

Time: 19:30 start.

Venue: The Stafford Ale House
Location: Google Maps

Bring your laptops and your favourite coding tools! This week shall do some coding.
I am going to use another kata from Dave Thomas’ BlogAnagrams!

Taken Directly:

The challenge is fairly simple: given a file containing one word per line, print out all the combinations of words that are anagrams; each line in the output contains all the words from the input that are anagrams of each other. For example, your program might include in its output:

kinship pinkish
enlist inlets listen silent
boaster boaters borates
fresher refresh
sinks skins
knits stink
rots sort

You are welcome to use the word list available on my web site for comparing results. Use the comments section to link your work.

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  1. I’ve added an Objective-C implementation of this kata on Github.

    If others post here we can use the rough versions for an optimisation session at a later date. A selection of languages will be useful.

  2. I do love the brevity of Python. I’ve been looking at Python on Udacity and really enjoying it.

  3. We shall continue with this kata in the September meeting.

  4. I’ve hosted one of Cathy’s offerings on github, Java implementation of Anagram.

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