June 2012 – The Ideas Session

Who Else Has A Bright Idea?

Who Else Has A Bright Idea? by nhuisman, on Flickr

It was nice to see a good number of people turning up for this months meeting, especially as there was no defined plan.

This session was intended to be an informal open-space type meeting, with a view to generating ideas for future sessions. The contrast between the google group and the meeting was startling, proving that co-location, good food and beer are ideal ingredients to get a discussion going.

To generate a backlog of ideas we held a productive brainstorming session, with the post-its kindly sponsored by Codeweavers!


Future Meeting Dates

  • We will fix meeting dates to the last Tuesday of each month. This way attendees know well in advance and can make plans accordingly.

Backlog Management

  • There was some discussion regarding how to manage our ideas and Rob mentioned a project called Idea Strike.
  • It was agreed the list should be held and maintained on the blog. To achieve this we require more accounts on the blog. If you would like an account please let Neil know at the next meeting.

The Ideas

  • Document databases.
  • NoSql databases.
  • Fortran vs ?
  • Show and tell sessions – E.G. “What I have been doing lately that is interesting.”
  • Bit hacks – bit shifts
  • Assembly create – can someone elaborate on this please?
  • Phil does c. Subject to Phil accepting Trevor’s kind invitation! (Merged with procedural programming)
  • Concurrency without locks
  • Object calisthenics
  • Minisculus challenge
  • Alien Invasion – Neil has the code running on his hosting for this.
  • Development without inheritance
  • Patterns and practices in objective c – Common design patterns in games.
  • Sparse matrices in C# – E.G. for Laplacian
  • Refactoring to strictly SOLID principles.
  • Algorithms, loops , 0(1) 0(n) 0(n ‘2) 0(n ‘ 3) 0(log n) 0(n – log n)
  • High availability techniques
  • Let’s create a project together
  • GUI dynamic integration
  • Kata – the chess game, movements of the knight
  • Python in real world usage, testing idioms etc
  • Functional programming – Ocaml, F# … Brian Marick has started a book on leanpub that may be useful.
  • Integration of Matlab into c#
  • Refuctoring
  • Build scripts for a given project
  • Essential processes in an agile world
  • Raspberry PI
  • Integrating into existing systems – Finding in-roads to automatica
  • Performance optimisation kata

Please feel free to catch up with me, get an account and edit this list.


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